I’m an Architect from Portugal despite that, handmade drawings are my true passion.

I hope you enjoy  the blog, and feel free to contact me at: carolinatcarmo@hotmail.com


31 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Carolina–I stopped by to say thanks for following Wine and Cheese (Doodles). Your illustrations are lovely (I am particularly fond of the popcorn print on your horse–shall have to check out the site. I hope to see you around WCD!

  2. Architects seem always to make wonderful drawings – love your blog and your work!
    Thanks for the Siza Viera quote – so true – after many years as an artist – I have found my utopia in drawing.

    • Thank you! It seems that the things that connect people the most is our inspiration. It’s a pleasure to get to know your art as well. Above all, it’s amazing that you get inspired with Siza as well. As a matter of fact, I will go to one of his lectures this weekend. It’s going to be wicked. I am proper excited. If you have some spare time PM me and I’ll let you know all about it xx Carolina

  3. Thanks much for dropping by Mjomja. :) i appreciate it! It’s nice to see your drawings here! They are fantastic works of yours! I like your style of drawings. :)

  4. If you love art and to draw follow your dream. Don’t wait. Life is to short. To many people say this but do not follow it. It took me till 49 years old to finally start my dream. Doug

    • Thank you! It’s better late than never Doug. Above all I think that art is my dream, any sort of it as a matter of fact. Life is so inspiring that I think I will never regret no matter what. I hope you´ve found what trully makes you happy. Be inspired.

  5. It’s never too later, thank you for appreciating art and all it does for everyone… great work! thanks for your clicks on my site… cheers, best regards, ~Scott

  6. Nice to meet you Carolina – your drawings are unique and fabulous. Thank you for your visit and follow at art rat cafe – I am honoured…

  7. I love your beautiful drawings! They make me wish I could draw…
    And I studied Architecture for about two years before dropping out and pursuing Chemical Engineering…Good luck! :)

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